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Tools to manage private voice databases

Launched in 2019, Mediartis is the Media & Entertainment industry’s first platform to propose voice data privacy compliance solutions and compliance visibility of the entire dubbing & voiceover ecosystem.

Cloud-based technology automates the data privacy compliance obligations of organisations’ casting resources and tracks conformity from the moment data is added to the platform through to end client delivery.

Innovative project management tools help service providers and end clients collaborate more efficiently and protect all project stakeholders: service providers, tiers, agents and end clients, from non-compliance risks.

Voice samples are the currency of audiovisual professionals working with voices. They’re collected and stored for future projects and shared continuously by email. European GDPR imposes strict and time-consuming legal obligations for storing, sharing and processing voice personal data. Mediartis simplifies compliance obligations and offers an alternative solution for casting delivery.

Our solutions are designed for all professionals working with voice artists and their voice samples : broadcasting, cinema, television, publishing, advertising, audio editorial, video game, digital publishing, animation, and telephony industries.

Casting Professional Solutions

Once data is uploaded to the platform, Mediartis manages the GDPR compliance processing with automated workflows. The dashboard provides a consolidated view of account activity and compliance.
Centralised voice assets and time-saving tools help production teams create and deliver GDPR-compliant and cost-effective castings to clients in an ultra-secure workspace.
Teams save time that was previously spent on spreadsheets and emails.

Database Management & Optimisation Tools

Account dashboard

Asset TAG tool

Actor profile management

Voice samples power private search engines
Access controls
Collaborate with internal & external teams
Real time compliance reporting

Casting Tools

Create unlimited castings
Mask actor names and personalize media names used in final castings
Multilanguage casting management : integrate outsourced castings into one casting presentation
GDPR compliant casting delivery : deliver by sharing a link to your cloud
Compliance safeguards: only compliant data can be added to castings
Share comments and reorder actor preferences

GDPR Compliance Processing

When a new actor and/or media is imported to an account, all relevant GDPR compliance workflows are automatically triggered throughout the system to ensure the assets can be used as quickly as possible for compliant castings. Mediartis provides automated:

  • Help in establishing a solid legal basis for processing actors’ personal data (voice samples included) – 100% independent of work contracts
  • Secure, private & isolated data subject (actor) access to personal data
  • Voice samples watermarking for added security
  • Structuring for simplified data management, mapping & identification
  • Active consent solicitation & renewal management
  • Timestamps of actor consent in case of an audit
  • Processing & routing of modification, rectification and deletion requests


Secure Access : Unique HS256 encrypted timeout access keys (magic links) generated for every access – more secure than password requests
Data & Medias circulating on the network are SSL format encrypted with Advanced Standard HS256 Encryption
Media uploads are encrypted and access is controlled by the user via user access authorisations

Data & medias cannot be transferred from the platform

Medias accessed by voice actors are watermarked (0% degradation to your files)

User session timeouts (2 hours by default)

Media & Data Hosting : Amazon SW3 – France
Application Hosting : CleverCloud – France